I hate that Anderson Cooper came out.

Everyone is going to congratulate him for being so brave, now. He’s not being brave at all. He’s just pulling in on the mass amounts of attention that the gay community has had recently. I think it’s rude of him to have hid it for so long and to have avoided it for so long, and then finally saying “I’m not ashamed” and “I’m not hiding”. Yes, Anderson, yes you were hiding. If you really were proud, you would have said something before and done something with your influence and power. 

  1. god-thats-good said: You basically summed up exactly how I feel about his coming out. I find his excuse that he didn’t come out so he could remain an impartial news reporter to be such bullshit. Straight news reporters flaunt their sexuality 24/7.
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    I’m not entirely sure that he was “hiding” anything. Yes, he never said it publically, but in his private life, and in...
  3. burymyconviction said: He just didn’t want to seem biased.
  4. anthxny said: I really don’t think it was a secret though. And when it comes to celebrity I don’t think there is a right or wrong time. Just do it before you’re dead and buried.
  5. j0rdster said: Yaaaaaaaay! This is why I love you.
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